The Funk n Revive team has put all its energy into making a reviver polish purely to restore and rejuvenates all things timber.

In the late 80's the founder of Funk n Revive had antique shops with a constant stream of furniture pieces from estates in desperate need of a polish restore.

Frustrated with the products available on the market not able to fix scratches and marks, he tinkered with a formula for years before finally achieving quick results in minutes rather than a full strip back restoration.

Customers who visited the antique stores always asked what was used on the furniture to make them look and smell the way they did. The founder gave small sample bottles away and soon, more and more customers were coming in for the polish.

" We take great care handcrafting a quality timber polish for people to enjoy on their furniture.  It is an easy solution and we are proud to share. " Tony Bisogno, founder.

About Tony Funk n Revive