500ml LIGHT Funk n Revive

1 Litre Light to Medium Timber Reviver


Product Description

1 Litre Light to Medium Timber Reviver

Great for retro, Mid Century light timbers. This polish reviver is most commonly used on lighter shades of timber.  Just pour a little into your clean cloth and rub on in the direction of the wood grain. For stubborn blemishes, use triple 0000 zero steel wool in the same action.

REPAIR   Scuffs | Heat Rings | Scratches | Water Marks

1 Litre Tin gives you a bulk buy for lots of furniture pieces to be completed.   Restoring old furniture includes handling any part of work that is required to get an old dresser or table as close to its former glory as physically possible. For collectors, it’s often more than only a face-lift – it’s making the piece usable again, and perhaps increasing its worth.  The polish will clean up your piece and leave the patina only time can bring and allow it look amazing once again whilst nourishing the wood.

“Unlike other polishes which just clean and shine, Funk n Revive helps to repair scratches, water stains and heat marks whilst nourishing the wood and possibly saving you hundreds of dollars in expensive restoration.” John Holmes, Trophy Curator for Major Iconic Australian Trophies.

Additional Information

Weight500 kg
Dimensions28 x 10 x 25 cm


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