Testimonials - Trophie Curator of many of Australia finest and most precious national trophies.

John Holmes (The Trophy Monitor) is acknowledged by his peers as a leading expert of Trophy and Sporting Memorabilia. He has photographed and created Trophy Asset Registers for numerous sporting clubs and individuals throughout Australia.

John H. Holmes (JP) – The Trophy Monitor

I have spent over 40 years caring for valuable sporting collections including iconic trophies and precious memorabilia for some of the most prestigious sporting clubs in Australia.

It is my strict policy to use only the very best products I can source as the collections I am entrusted to repair, restore and detail are sometimes priceless.

As I am constantly seeking to purchase the very best materials available I am also anxious to buy Australian made products when they meet my strict criteria for quality, durability, safety and proven results.

It was therefore a delight when I discovered that there was an Australian made product suitable for use on timber shield boards, wooden plaques, wooden trophies and trophy cabinets. Having used Funk n Revive for many years I have found through personal experience that it certainly does everything its manufacturer say:

“Unlike other polishes which just clean and shine, Funk n Revive helps to repair scratches, water stains and heat marks whilst nourishing the wood and possibly saving you hundreds of dollars in expensive restoration.”

Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful product for its wide range of uses for both commercial and domestic situations. 

A magnificent Tribal Cockatoo Totem created by The Trophy Monitor for Cathy Freeman the ‘Golden Girl ’of Australian athletics.

Crafted from 500 year-old bird’s eye red wood the Totem’s deep rich finish was the end result of using Funk n Revive liquid polish.


Carlos Upholstery - Melbourne, Victoria

Has been using our polish for many years.  Just like when you service your car sometimes the mechanic will wash it for you.  After Carlo finishes upholstering, he uses the restorer to make the legs and arms like new again.