Recycle? Clean? Restore?Flipp your Furniture with FunknRevive Restoration Polish

Dont sand it. SIMPLY use Funk n Revive on dull scratched furniture to bring back its shine!

Whether you need for home or have a side hustle furniture flipping.

Easy with instant results without the expensive outlay.


Finally...a furniture polish that truly brings back lustre & shine!

Being frustrated with the products available on the market not able to fix scratches and marks,
a formula was developed early 90s that could achieve quick results in minutes rather than a full strip back restoration. For years only distributed to trade dealers and auction houses, we have now pulled the trigger to make available for everyone

Plant the seed

Its not only plants that need nourishment, this mid century teak cabinet gets a good drink of Funk n Revive once a year to keep it looking fresh and healthy! Rejuvinate your pieces, keep them nourished, free from scratches and scuffs all year round. Engineered over many years to create the right formula exactly for your furniture treatment plan. ''Image by Rebecca Williams via Instagram.”08 April 2020


Remove Scratches

Almost theraputic wiping away the scratches that have occurred over the years. The polish melts its way through to the orignal stain and works its way to cover the scratched area.