Demo Funk n Revive Timber Repair Polish Reviver

Funk n Revive Funk n Revive

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how funknrevive works


Funk n Revive first of all breaks down layer 1 (smoke, grease, dust, oils, grime) allowing the polish to be exposed.
Layer 2 (original polish) softens while you are cleaning.  This allows for the original finish to be moved around to fill in the scratches and scuffs.
The polish soaks into layer 3 (the stained timber) leaving its oils behind to feed the timber and then is all finished off with a buff. 

The original finish hardens immediately so you wont be stripping it.
This allows the piece to stay in its original form and the patina which can only come from years of use is not lost. 
The polish is simple while avoiding costly strip and re-polishing.