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Funk n Revive

Funk n Revive Light to Medium Polish Restorer Revive

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Bring back to life your old furniture

Believe it or not, most surface-level scuffs can be fixed without having to hire a professional.  You can smooth out the surface with a wood restoration polish, which will buff away any damage, similar to those paint scuff removers for cars.

Used widely amongst trade who know restoring a piece of furniture can devalue as apposed to reviving it as it retains is patina and character formed over many years.  Funk n Revive allows you to keep the depth and luster of the timber which unfortunately is lost when sanded and stripped.  

At some point your life, every person will come across at least one prized household possession and wonder how they could make that piece of furniture look new and shiny again.  Of course there are many reasons why we choose to make things look good again.   You might be hosting Christmas at your place this year?  Perhaps you were handed down a family heir loom and you are now on the path to keeping that special furniture piece scratch free and safe from bumps and scuff marks.  You could be a weekend hobbyist that likes finding a diamond in the rough which you can do  up and keep or sell and make a profit.

It all comes down to how much of value the antique is, either monetarily or sentimentally.  If it does have a high cash value, your choice is just a matter of investment, but if it’s a priceless antique that has been in the family, it could be much more emotionally rewarding to take the task upon yourself.

  • Turn heads:  With minimal effort you can clean and restore items and bring back its original sheen lustur shine 
  • Amazing ability to bring out the true texture and grain of the timber
  • Long lasting shine.  We use quality ingredients chosen to react to the original stain of your item to come through
  • Scratches and scuffs happen within the top 3 layers of your furniture; Our innovative penetration formula used to break down first layer which is the build up of smoke, grease, dust, oils and grime
  • Layer 2 is made up of original polish, shellac, french polish
  • Layer 3 is the original color of stain or wood.  Our polish penetrates with original stain activating the blemishes and making the bruises dissolve.
  • Must always shake well to mix ingredients for best results.


Scratches & Marks - fast & easy to apply
Apply reviver to 0000 grade steel wool, buff lightly in direction of grain. Then follow cleaning instructions. This may need to be done more than once.


Test in an inconspicuous area.  Apply with soft cloth. Rub into the surface in direction of grain.  Buff with clean dry cloth.

Choose from 500ml bottle or 1 Litre tin of Light to Medium Furniture Polish perfect for antiques and mid century pieces.  

Perfect for medium to light coloured timber

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